Right, folks.

That is about all I am going to say about stress and how to get rid of it in this current series of articles. Folks, before I go on with more in-depth information on whether protein shakes are good for you and how you can make the best use of it, let’s have a bit of healthy fun in the sun. Yes, remember that?

It is called the sun, and not enough folks are spending enough time in it. Not even those fitness fanatics who spend hours in the gym every night after work. Make your life more interesting and juicy by spending more time in the sun. But not too much time in the sun, mind you. Yes, I was waiting for someone to cry out that today’s UV rays are killing us. It doesn’t have to. You can work your way around this.

Before I forget to remind you of this, let me just say that pretty much all the vitamins available to you in your natural supplements and, let’s not forget, natural and healthy food, is good for your body. In fact, it’s so important to your body right now. That’s why many folks end up taking natural supplements anyway. Their bodies are lacking those essential ingredients that they would have got if their eating plans were healthy and balanced. And one vitamin that seems to go missing a lot of the time is vitamin D.

I like to call it sunshine D, because guess what, this vitamin comes directly from the sun. But I get that many folks are concerned about spending too much time in the sun and increasing the risks of contracting skin diseases. This can be circumvented and managed rather well. And another thing, no matter how cold and overcast it is in your neck of the woods, your skin is still at risk if you venture out at the time of the day when the sun’s rays are at its strongest. Even if you venture out during the shadiest parts of the day, do remember to lather your skin with a little reef-friendly sunscreen.

Now, try to find things to do out there to enhance your outdoor living experience. These things have to matter to you. These have to be things that your heart is actually going to take an interest in. Because then at least, you will be looking forward to the outdoor occasion the next time. I’ve given that much of a clue to you already, but I’m all in for things natural. I have not yet managed to find the time, or space, to get into the gardening habit, but I’m quite confident that, sooner or later, I will.

Because that is one of the great things I enjoy about outdoor life. I love being surrounded by nature which, will of course, always include your flora and fauna. Speaking of which; why don’t you get yourself a dog. You have a friend for life, and one of the things a good dog enjoys most in its short and loyal life is going for its regular walks.

And while you are dutifully taking your pet out for its daily walk, you are giving your own body its daily dose of relaxing exercise and time out in the sun. Those of you who can afford to do this should schedule your annual vacation at a nature reserve. Spend a weekend there, or just stay for the weekend. I can tell you this much. It is one of the most invigorating experiences that I have been through in my short life. And so what if you can’t afford it, or there isn’t one close to your town. Get out there and there will always be open spaces for you to explore.

Those of you who are lucky enough to enjoy your running should try exploring this option. It is a far side better than negotiating congested and smog-filled traffic lanes, also dangerous at times. There are no cars out on your nature trails. Join a club and go trail running. Trail running works overtime on your cardiovascular system because the terrain you’ll be negotiating is undulating and you can expect to be climbing quite a few hills from time to time.

Or if you’ve been boring your skull in the gym or in front of the TV on your stationary bike, you can go mountain biking instead. Again, it would be a good idea to join a club because this sport does have its risks. You can slip and fall and graze your knees. So, in case of those rare accidents, you’ll always have someone close by to help you get back on your bike. And, of course, always remember to wear your cycling helmet. In an earlier piece, I mentioned ten-pin bowling. I told you how well it works on your arms and legs.

But this fun sport is all indoors. So, not much sun along the bowling alley for you here. But you could just go lawn bowling instead. Yes, you can be posh for a while, wearing your whites. And don’t for a moment think that this is a sport just for old folks. Just try it and you’ll see. Like ten-pin bowling, this lawn based sport works on your arms, knees and legs too. And no matter what outdoor activity you set your mind to, no-one will be more pleased than me if you decide to stick to your weight training. But why do it in the gym?

If there is no public space for this possibility, there is nothing stopping you from setting up your own outdoor gym at home. Of course, you will have to hope that it doesn’t rain a lot your way. And if you are married, why not try having you know what with your partner a little more often. Of course, for that, you’ll have to be inside.