The longer you stick it out with your exercise schedule, the quicker those stress levels will be reduced. There’s a simple reason for this. When you’re finally on to an exercise plan and have also put in place a healthy and balanced diet, you’ll also be sleeping a lot better at night. Your body is tired in a natural and healthy way, not exhausted from too much stress and anxiety that goes along with a typically hectic week to week work schedule.

But, ladies and gentlemen, this is really going to interest you. Those of you, who are highly strung at this time, do not worry. It’s all good. The more you read, the more you learn, right. Ask me, I know, and it’s happened to me as well. In spite of my fine shape and my generally good lifestyle habits, I still stress more than the average Joe or regular fitness freak. It’s got something to do with the genes I’ve inherited.

But that’s not the answer to the big question on many men and women’s lips; is it possible to be stress free. Because of my condition, I try to delve into this matter a little more, trying to find new ways to help me cope with my above average stress levels and teach myself how to live free of stress. I’ve made progress because I’m enjoying my life more. It’s not so much my weekly weight training and stationery bike passions that are doing the trick, but more to do with the things I love to do.

Just wait until you get a handle of my next article to do with the great outdoors. There you might see why I’m positively chirpy towards you in spite of my chronic condition which, incidentally, can be managed. A healthy and physically active lifestyle is the solution, not prescribed drugs. Just so you know, been there and done that. Visiting a shrink every five minutes, at great cost to you and your medical plan, is not the solution either.

You’ve literally got to talk to yourself, and no, you’re not mad when you do this, and take action, rather than always pleading for mercy and help. Now that the cat’s out of the bag; I confess, I love being outside and doing outdoorsy things, I have another confession. I love to read. I was reading a truly great book last night, something to do with my cultural heritage, a really fascinating read, until well beyond my regular hour of going to sleep.

But the interesting thing about this midnight encounter was that I felt a lot calmer once I turned the light out. I didn’t feel too bad the next morning either. Okay, by that time, I suppose I was looking forward to a morning run. The fact that it rained this morning didn’t matter, I still enjoyed the run. Didn’t feel jaded afterwards either. I suppose that has something to do with our famous protein shake.

Anyway, back to the reading practice. It works for me, and it helps me to relax naturally. One of the rewarding things I enjoy about regular reading is that there are always new discoveries around the corner. And so it was just recently. It came at the right time as I was thinking how I would address you on how to reduce stress levels and whether it was possible to get rid of stress altogether . And the big discovery was this.

Wait for it, folks. No, it is not possible to eliminate stress entirely. In fact, it becomes especially the case if you are living a lifestyle enriched by both balanced exercise and healthy eating. It is even more the case when you are doing healthy things that you truly enjoy doing. And here’s whey, I mean, why. Just like you get your bad cholesterol and your good cholesterol you will, of course, always have your bad stress.

But you’re also going to have your good stress. Interesting, no. Bad stress, well, I should have known this much, is distress. It makes sense, doesn’t it? But good stress, now there’s the thing; it’s known as eustress. When your central nervous system is overwhelmed with this eustress, a chain reaction of positive results sets in. And when this happens, it leads to positive results. So you see, you see how it fits in nicely when you need to make improvements in your overall life.

And if you are concerned about your own unhealthy stress levels right now, there’s plenty of positive work for you to do. This much you already know; exercise is necessary. A healthy, balanced diet as well. And with those two necessities in place, you improve your chances of having a good night’s rest as well. But how you get yourself ready for bed is important. You can learn how to do this.

And you can learn while you read about it. Surprise, surprise. Then there is meditation, not medication. Unfortunately, getting into meditation is a bit complex and it does take time and practice to get it right. So, do be patient if you’re preparing yourself for this path. I flipped through my list to see if there was anything I left out. And there it was. Coffee. Drink green tea instead. And keep your life as simple as possible.