Actually, they’re not even new anymore. They’ve been around for quite some time. It’s just that I never really took a personal interest in this version of fitness start ups. But where I am concerned is the assertive but helpful side of personal training which I’m sure many of you will agree you could do with. The problem though, is that far too many of you still can’t seem to manage your time optimally and make time for the gym.

Not your fault, but I’m actually quite peeved about this. Muscle strengthening exercises and weight training, I do understand, that’s something you’ll need a high performance gym for. But in the majority of cases, particularly where calisthenics and running, and cycling, is concerned, I don’t see why the heck you must go running to the personal trainer. I think it is a darn side better that he come to your door for a change. After all, he is servicing you and he’s getting paid quite well to do this job.

Fortunately, there are dedicated personal trainers out there. It’s just a matter of finding the right one. What you should also be looking out for is guys and girls who, like me, prefer to do the coaching out in the great outdoors. There can be nothing better than fresh air and a little vitamin D to enhance your short exercise workout. It’s a rare sight, let me tell you, but I saw this a few months back and it lifted my spirits.

So much so that I was inspired to revisit some of my own person to person tactics. You see, I was on one of my favorite walks through our city’s public gardens and having already witnessed and heard the Egyptian geese, Ibis, squirrels and doves go about their daily business, I came across this sight. A handsome, well toned guy was putting a big girl through her exercise paces. Taking advantage of the soft undersurface of the green grass, I also noticed that her fitness trainer was emphasizing the use of free weights.

Anyway, I’ve gone slightly off topic. What I was saying earlier is that I realize, and understand, that many men and women are logistically, and economically, challenged. It’s not always possible to get down to a crowded, smelly downtown gym. Going for a run is not always safe in some neighborhoods. And then of course, many of you can’t all afford your own personal fitness coach. In light of all that, and recognizing that you’re into gadgets and apps, there are fitness startups that you can download and utilize.

So, let’s have a quick chat about something I believe will get you quite excited. But let me begin with my own caveat. You see, unlike my old but extremely fit, self, many of you are fully on board with your digital tools. I get that, but even so. So then, let me give you a bit of my own bit coin, if you will, of advice on this topic. Try not to spend too much time on your mobiles and apps, and try to take in the great outdoors.

Breathe in, and breathe out, and enjoy the fresh air. In any case, I’m sure some of these fitness apps will be taking a similar line to my old-fashioned and muscular sentiments. Let’s start with this acronym. For professional reasons I cannot go further than THC. The rest of the research will be up to you. But what this site actually is is more than your regular online gym. It focuses on your overall health and wellness picture.

You can schedule online appointments with experts dealing with nutritional aspects, over and above weighing up muscle strengthening exercises and choosing vitamin and protein supplements. I might not be into dancing myself, but I like where this next app leads to. This is for those of you who like me, don’t do clubs and can’t relax the body and mind enough to do a few yoga exercises. Start your internet search by punching in the words ‘no lights’ and see where that takes you.

What this freestyle theme does is focus on the fun side of light to medium exercise or physical activity. You can dance as you please in your own home, not having to worry about making a fool of yourself in front of others who think they are so cool in their outfits, high heels and muscle revealing tops. Look up hybrid classes as well and see if you land on the correct page. What I like about this portal is that it’s offering you the opportunity, or rather; ideas are suggested to you on how you can add a bit more variety to your exercise schedules in the week.

But like any good personal trainer, there’s bound to be a lot of focus on getting the balance right, not just getting into routines that you will enjoy. Because you’re going to be online, try and be as honest with yourself when your new personal trainer tries to get through a short assessment sheet with you. It’s for your benefit and helps him to gauge what type of exercise schedule he needs to craft for you.

As for me, weight training done for the week, I’m off for a leisurely walk before the sun sets.