My last note to you ended on a rather high note, didn’t it? As I recall, I was talking to you about stress, modestly reminding you of the ways you can go about reducing your high stress levels and sharing with you my great discovery that it is not at all possible to eliminate stress altogether. But I also stressed, if you pardon the pun, that the healthy and balanced lifestyle, enriched with the correct mix of gym and outdoor exercise, the right meal plan under ideal social conditions, a life that is physically active at the best of times and a positive attitude all contributes to this.

Oh, alright, I got it; I didn’t express it in so many words. But what I also said about those good stress levels, the eustress, if you recall that it helps to be doing the things you love the most. So, if you’re a good, young mother, you love doting over your young children and caring for them. If you love serving your community, well now, you’ve probably got an even more rewarding life waiting for you some time in the future.

Statistically, that’s not likely to happen for many years if you are able to maintain the good life, health-wise, and keep being positive, stress-wise. I also shared with you my two personal passions. I love my reading and I really love the great outdoors. In my great excitement, I almost forgot to tell you how my last address to you ended on that high note. If you can remember, I suggested that you keep your life as simple as possible.

Many of you out there might be saying that this is easier said than done. That much is true, I will agree. Like I also said before; been there and done that. Interestingly and perhaps even ironically, when you eventually get to simplify your life, you end up discovering things you never really knew about yourself, and along your great, or should that be, simple journeys, you discover new things that really pique your interest.

In fact, these discoveries that go on to become your passions or your hobbies were always around you. Your life was so, let’s just say, distressed, and you were so preoccupied with work that you weren’t enjoying, you never noticed before. I can give you one simple but extremely joyful example from my own life. Oh, and we need to talk about that work that you loath as well, but I suppose this personal encounter puts you in the picture nicely.

A few years ago, I was stuck in a rut. I was going nowhere in life. I was feeling so disillusioned, wondering; why bother, what is the point. I was doing a job that I began to detest. I discovered that it went against everything that I subconsciously believed in. So, when the moment of truth arrived, I quit, but boy did I suffer. You see, I did not prepare myself well for this independent journey. I was flat broke, going cap in hand from month to month.

Somehow, I managed to keep my spirits up, always believing in and dreaming of my pot of gold, not always material, I’ll have you know. Life is so much simpler if you’re not saddled with financial worries. But, of course, it always helps to have enough financial resources to allow you to live the healthy, balanced life that you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you have the financial nous to pull this off or not, does not matter.

You can learn, and qualified and accredited financial planners and life skills coaches are out there to help you. One of the things I missed about my previous life was the routes I took to get there and back, usually to work and back home. I moved owing to financial constraints. Anyway, I make it a regular habit of getting out there for my daily walks, not running, just plain old walking at a leisurely and dreamlike pace.

Whether where I was before, or in my new neighborhood, not too charming, I might just add, I started to hear something rather delightful. I heard birds chirping. Yes, I never noticed them before. And then I started to see them. They are so small, but they are there. You’ve just got to slow things down a little and you’ll soon notice. You’ll notice a lot of other pleasurable things in life, making you appreciate the simple facts of life.

If you’re down in the dumps like I was before, you have an awakening and you discover that all those things you only dreamed of, and they end up being surprisingly so simple, are possible for you. So much for my great outdoors, some of you might be thinking. Oh, I think I understand, but not to worry, I’m not. I’ve managed to learn the art of not worrying about what others were thinking about me.

And in time, you’ll discover that some of them were actually quite in awe of you. Some things don’t change. There will always be those who are nasty and jealous, especially if you’ve made some positive inroads towards fixing your life and have the living badge to prove it. How does that famous song go? Don’t worry, be happy. Ah, the great outdoors. There, I said it.