Okay, I will admit this much; I wasn’t stressing out about the topic. Because of my own personal experiences, the matter of helping people like yourself to reduce and manage your everyday stress and anxiety is a matter close to my heart. And the better part of some of my coaching days is spent helping overweight guys and girls to relax while embarking on something that is quite a challenge for them at their life defining moments.

You may recall my earlier article on how to live free of stress. I did not quite get to finish what I had in mind to tell you. So, as promised, here is where I get to continue with the conversation. I thought it would be a swell idea to blend in my next three sub-themes while waxing lyrical on my own personal outdoor adventures. I felt that on a personal level, these three important stress reducing practices blend together nicely, like a good, healthy smoothie, or dare I say, a post weight training protein shake drink.

Three things you need to get right in your life for once and for all are the following. No matter how difficult your life may be at this point in time, difficult to fathom, I know, but just remember, I’ve been there, so I know how anxious some of you might be feeling, you need to get your chin up and try to stay as positive as possible. Also, when folks are highly strung or worse still, depressed, they often become disillusioned and disoriented.

And do you realize just how ironic this is? The more you allow yourself to lose focus on what’s important in your life, the further behind you become. Keeping positive, you need to try and discipline yourself and put into practice a workable time management exercise. This will have realistic goals in mind with manageable tasks that can be accomplished on your time management sheet.

Let the bigger picture wait a little bit longer. But never lose focus of your dreams in life. Keep on trying to follow your heart and in time you will get there. My outdoor adventures are very much a personal part of my life today. I may have only mentioned the modest matter of daily walks through the park, but there’s more to come from this big fellow. If it wasn’t for my muscles, I would not be able to go rock climbing.

In a group, of course, because I’m no expert. This is just to be on the safe side and it also allows you to be in the company of likeminded others, with similar passions, before you have to closet yourself indoors as a single person. As for the rest of you, well now, if you have families of your own and take matters by the scruff of the neck and work on those relationships that need fixing. And be the good example you can be to your troubled kids.

On being positive

Have you ever heard this expression? Positive things only happen to positive people. So true, actually. For years I used to be this way. But by the time I accepted my fate in life, accepting the things that I could do nothing about, but feeling pleased with myself about the things I could do, however modest they at first were, I noticed how the dominoes started to fall. How could I do this? Well, for starters, and you can do this too – also keep this in mind for your weight training, running and overall week to week exercise schedules – I began to keep a journal.

It takes a while getting used to because you really have to train the mind to keep going forward. If your life has been one filled with trauma, you also need to put the past behind you. It’s impractical to keep on looking backwards in life because if there is one thing you can never do, is bring back the past. And who would want that in any case. So ladies and gentlemen, chins up please and keeping moving forward.

Effective time management

Oh, and stay positive. One of the biggest causes of distress is a chaotic life. The disillusionment and disorientation experienced by folks who suffer from high levels of stress and anxiety leads to them falling even further behind in life. To all intents and purposes, your new time management schedule needs to be practically implemented. In doing that, you set realistic goals for yourself, part of which entails just how much time you have in the day or week for the things you have chosen to do to make a positive impact on your life.

Invariably, one of the most positive things you can do for your body and mind right now is to start getting physically active. If you are overweight and unhealthy at this point in time, a disciplined regime of strength based exercises needs to be factored in. While you are adding strength to your body, the excess fat starts to melt away and you are also lifting up your spirits. Believe me, it works, but do start gently.

Follow your heart

Otherwise by unrealistically trying to do too much, you get nowhere and it becomes dispiriting to the degree that you come dangerously close to giving it all up. And one of the best things you can do to reduce stress levels and help you to cope well with a life filled with its challenges is to find the time to do some of those things you are madly in love with. Exercise helps. It’s a journey of discovery, finding things by chance that you might actually get to like. You don’t have to live in a gym all your life to achieve this.

Who knows, ten pin bowling might just before you. You quickly forget what rolling those giant marbles does for your biceps and calf muscles.