I know that we need to have a hearty chat on why and how protein shakes are utilized but I do believe that it is probably more important at this stage to engage you in what progress entails at the earliest and formative stages of getting fit and muscular and what can be done about it in line with going still further. After this, I will give you undivided attention on what protein shakes are all about and whether they are good for you and how they are best used.

I have a rather acute concern for those of you who tend to feel a little discouraged at this point in time. Rest assured, I have been down that road and I must just tell you that when you are first starting out in the gym it is not all fun and games, not by any stretch of the imagination. So, I would like this article to serve as something of a motivating tool for you, something to get your juices flowing and in the mood for building up those muscles.

Particularly in the earliest stages of working out to develop muscular stature and strength and achieve well-rounded health and fitness, it is important that you get yourself on a course of setting health and fitness targets. Good, strong and firm muscles cannot be developed overnight. It does take time. Also, you do need to consider what interests you the most in order to challenge yourself successfully with different sporting and exercise disciplines of which there are quite a few.

After setting yourself some realistic goals, you have a better chance of making progress. Do not even think of raising the bar too high. This is where many folks seem to fail. They try too hard, and when they fail, they easily give up. Baby steps, ladies and gentlemen. First learn to crawl before you walk. And when you can walk well at a good pace, you can proceed towards running and jumping, a delightful experience, if you don’t mind me saying so.

So, let’s have a chat about setting some realistic goals. Hopefully after this, you will be more than motivated to start thinking about your own health and fitness ideas. In this process, I do not wish to overburden you, so let me proceed with just four rungs of the ladder. Four steps, basically, one step at a time. Step one of the ladder should have everything to do with first learning how to set those goals successfully.

Your next step is purely emotional. Here, you get to take a long, hard look at your life in the mirror, but without placing yourself under any undue pressure. In this case, you will be examining your current fitness levels. And after this, you can then start thinking about setting (first) short term goals and long term goals. Your short term goals are all about setting realistic targets, and your long term goals focus on your health and fitness ambitions (in life).

Level One

First do a bit of time management exercises. By now, most of you should be quite familiar with this exercise. You are already applying it in your daily to monthly work routines. Here, do be realistic on two fronts. First decide just how much time you really have over for exercising during your hectic week. Start modestly with, say, thirty minutes of working out every second to third day. From there, you can improve upon this by increasing the amount of time spent exercising and adding an extra day of physical activity to your week.

Level Two

This stage is a bit of a challenge because it needs to look at some negatives. It is here that you really need to be quite honest with yourself. But while you are asking yourself some probing questions about your current lifestyle and state of fitness, you do need to start thinking positively. Think of those physical things that interest you the most but avoided doing before because you felt that you were so badly out of shape.

Level Three

Short term goals can be gauged from anywhere around a few weeks to three months in the gym or on the road. Your first short term goal can be set for a week. But the more important goal will be gauged for a month. Set the clock, stick to a reasonable exercise schedule that you can manage, and by the time the end of that first month arrives, you can chart the progress you have made. And as long as you have stuck it out, I can assure you that it only gets better from hereon.

Level Four

This last rung of the ladder (for now) is not necessarily lofty but it is encouraging. In fact, the short term goal setting is a positive exercise as well. The long term goal project can proceed from where you see yourself in three months. When those three quick months have flown by, you can set the next target for six months from now. And that is where it should end. Structural planning should not be programmed for a year from now. I think that would be too unrealistic at this stage, particularly if you are just starting out on the exercise mat.

You can combine this long term planning exercise with the previous three points I suggested here. This allows you an opportunity to give your health and exercise plan some accuracy. During this process, set emotions aside and be as objective as possible. You could just say then that this likened to giving your objective setting a holistic or scientific approach.

So, you see, it is not all bad. There is no need to give up, feeling discouraged and stressed (we need to have a chat about that one too). Next up, and as promised, is that chat on protein shakes.