Okay, that much we have already established. It is not humanly possible to be entirely free of stress. You do remember my earlier article and the awesome discovery I made in that regard? The fact was scientifically based. So, in this article I will be striving to deal less emotively on this important subject on how to live free of stress, well, more or less anyway. You get the point. I will be taking up the cudgels of the best given advice to seek out help, particularly if it is urgent, and then to listen to what those good minds have to say about the matter.

The information given here comes from those in specialist positions. They can be psychologists, psychiatrists, life skills coaches or even personal trainers. Trying to take a dispassionate view to the good advice is easy but excluding my passion for weight training and all round physical activity is just not possible. Fortunately, it does complement the mind and body in helping it to reduce stress levels and cope with a challenging life.

Listen to your body

Sometimes when you are stressed, your body is trying to tell you something. And I see from my notes on this article that I am placing emphasis on the ability to listen. Being able to listen, not hear, is one of the positive attributes any human being can have. But if you can begin to listen to your body in the figurative sense, you place yourself in just as good a position to make the changes.

The common denominator has always been to get out there and do some exercise, but that is always a slow process to begin with, particularly if you are heavily overweight or obese. You make inroads into this physical aspect by also learning how eating to be well works for your body, and mind. And when the body is well, the mind also has a chance to recuperate.

Starting recuperative programs from scratch, like your muscle and fitness training and first forays into weekly exercise, particularly when you are carrying a lot of weight, both figuratively and literally, will take time to get used to and it therefore requires quite a bit of patience. But when you are stressed and overburdened with life, doing things on your own is never easy. In fact, it’s not even healthy.

Seeking out those that matter the most

Try your best to seek out help with your physical training and stress reducing strategy.

But it has long been the complaint of those who have had to seek out professional help in regard to their personal problems and helping them to cope with their high stress and anxiety levels. On the important subject of being able to listen well, well, listen to this. All good and well that you are engaged with a top-not psychiatrist, but does he really have your interests at heart.

People that are highly stressed may be capable of irrational behavior at times but they are still aware of not being listened to. And this, for many, is quite distressing. Not even a well-meaning friend helps. It may be hard to find but I find that the best solution lies with someone who truly loves you on any level, it does not matter which. Being in the company of the proverbial good listener sometimes brings out the best in people.

Listening to yourself

Speaking of which, try being a good listener to yourself for a change. Bu then again, I do understand that this is easier said than done for many. Like I’ve said in my other articles; been there and done that. But it is time to get a grip on your life. In regard to opening up to yourself, try to do this as soon as possible. But that’s also the peculiar thing about human nature. When folks hit crisis mode, only then do they suddenly seem to wake up.

Having experienced procrastination and even complacency in my own life, I honestly believe that putting things off until the last moment is ill-advised. Also, I once had a hard-hitting boss who always used to drive it into me to not put off tasks. Inasmuch as I thought her business methods were controversial and unethical, all I can say is this; if only I had listened to her then. But that’s okay; I have turned the corner in my own life and am now living out the positive results of my own actions.

Cognitive behavior

It is all about taking assertive and pragmatic action for those external and internal challenges in life. One of the most effective assertive techniques you can put in place is to put your past behind you entirely and simply look forward to the rest of your life. Think of all the great things you want to do and take from there, one baby step at a time. Don’t try to do things in leaps and bounds. That’s unrealistic. Focus on the things you know you can do right and take it from there.

Gosh, I wanted to say so much more on this important topic, but look at this; we have simply run out of time. But I am determined to carry on with this conversation. So, be sure to look out for a continuation of this in a later article.