A guy walked into my study just a few minutes ago, and, boy, did I get the fright of my life. I should not have, because this is my next door neighbor we are talking about. The thing is I was so preoccupied on this wrap up post of mine on how to utilize protein shakes that I forgot for a moment that he was in the immediate vicinity. Given that he has got a hectic bulging paunch in front of him, you would not think that he is exactly the perfect specimen of health.

Well, to compare freshly squeezed orange juice with loads of meaty steaks, John is a far cry from my unique physique, to use a forgotten cliché. Just remember how I got my nick-name, guys. Remember this for the next time that you read any of my blog posts that I’m Eric, the Muscle Man, and remember how I got that name. And my blog is called; Eric the Muscle and Fitness Guy, just in case you are preoccupied like me and, for a moment, you lose your way around the internet.

That reminds me; hope you enjoyed my earlier post on my outdoor adventures where I took a surprise turn and started talking about all the start up gadgets – they are called apps nowadays – you can use to kick start your own exercise regimes in a more organized way. Anyway, back to why we are here. I continue to have intense thoughts on why so many guys and girls get it so wrong with their protein shakes.

These are the guys and girls who have taken the wrong approach where true health and fitness issues are concerned. They have been looking out for quick-fix remedies, and if you go through those start up apps, you will see that even there, there is no overnight solution towards getting into shape and building up those muscles. Remember this guys, I did not get my muscular tone into good nick overnight.

It took at least a year. So there you go. What is one year in your life? Time flies so quickly when you are having fun. Me, my fun is working out. That’s just in case you have forgotten. Anyway, a lot of folks keep on forgetting or ignoring the good online advice (and what have I been saying all along – read my earlier posts where I started talking to you about healthy eating habits and the importance of your protein based diets.

Just remember that your protein shakes are your vital supplementary ingredients. You utilize them after your workouts and to help you cope with the added stressors of intense workouts which focus on muscle build capacity where you need to focus on not just building up muscle bulk but on strengthening those muscles and keeping your strength up. And if you are still a smoker like my next door neighbor then pack it up, guys.

Give this habit up, like, now. Smoking, your protein shakes and your exercise workouts mean diddly squat. Ever wonder why you can never seem to complete your squats and reps on schedule? Now you know. And it’s not just smoking, there’s still a whole lot more that you keep on forgetting. Take your protein shakes around the time you are wrapping up your workout. After exercise hours, eat your regular meals.

And by regular meals, I mean three square meals a day. Each meal has its fair share of protein too. Did I tell you how thrilled I was about breakfast time when I first started to get my own act together? Eggs, I love eggs, you see. Maybe many of you guys are still with this right now, but I come from a background where I used to skip breakfast in the morning before heading off to work. Fat lot of good that did for me.

I was so jaded already by the time I got to my first tea – well, actually, it was coffee most of the time, loads of it – break around ten in the morning. And that’s another reminder for you, cut your caffeine intake. Yes, it can keep you alert, but it can also keep you awake at night. Ever get that feeling at night (and during the day) when you are feeling so jumpy? Like a nervous train wreck? Yes, that’s what I’m talking about, that feeling.

Coffee is an absolute no-no for highly strung men and women who have above average levels of stress and anxiety. And the reason? Forget about your genetic disposition or your mom’s DNA. That’s got to be one of the sorriest excuses in the (why am I so stressed) book. Stop blaming other folks for your personal problems. Take account of your own life and see your stress levels shoot down.

But the only way that’s going to work is if you balance the rest of your life out. Include protein drinks to your new healthy eating regime. You can take a small chug with you to work in the morning, but just remember when’s the main time you’ll be taking this supplement. After your workouts, that’s when. I’ve found this to be quite handy over my long distance runs as well. This is where my ten to fifteen milers have quite a bit of hill climbing involved.

I use this drink quite marvelously on my outdoor adventures jaunts where I’ve decided take in a bit of hiking over the mountain trail just above the city where I’m located. And because my week to weekend schedules can be so hectic at times, it’s not something I can indulge in every weekend. But when I do, I sometimes go over the limit where mileage is concerned. And that’s the wrap, guys, I gotta go.

I’m taking a short walk before I get back to my desk for a shortish evening shift of blogging. And that’s the last tip I’m leaving you with. Don’t overdo it. Just enjoy it.