Before I forget, and before I get started on this new blog of mine, let me tell you a little bit on how I got that name in the first place. After about a year or two on my new life cycle, putting together my health and fitness ideas, I started to look the part. Practice what I preach, as they say. Down at the local gym, they started to call me Eric the Muscle Man, the girls especially. But the thing is I was not looking like old Arnold.

These are your well-defined muscles. It’s not one hundred percent, but the perfect specimen is coming together quite nicely. I am getting to that stage where I am getting the right tone, not just to satiate my own vanity or aesthetics but to get focus areas of strength right. In other words, my muscle groups are prioritizing areas in my physically active life where the most strength is being utilized.

It’s called getting the balance right. I am a writer by profession, not any exercise guru (but I’m getting there, I’m learning fast, it’s called research and development, a vital component of my writing work (and life) and it’s really great). It’s amazing just how much you can learn in such a short space of time just as long as you’re reading just right. Reading between the lines, in other words. That’s got to be one of the biggest problems where just one more fad in the health and fitness genre of the World Wide Web is concerned.

It’s called protein shakes. And just because the guys down at your local gym are starting to look like Arnold, pumping themselves with protein shakes to go along with the iron, doesn’t mean that you have to copy and paste what they’re doing. Get original and do it right. Get the balance right and learn how to utilize protein shakes. I’ve decided to add my own two bits to this melting pot. There is a time and a place to take those shakes.

So, I’ve decided to spend a bit of time introducing you to the wonderful world of protein shakes. And let me just tell you that they are wonderful. They work wonders on your body; and they taste pretty great too. It just depends on how you’re using them and what you’re mixing with it and how you’re mixing it. Speaking of which; that’s one of the greatest things about this job of mine. I get to mix and match quite a bit here.

Doing reps and squats every day down at the gym can become quite boring. It can also become a painful killer if you’re overdoing it. One of my focus areas, apart from talking to you about protein shakes and muscles and fitness, is some good advice for the stressed girls and guys out there. And again, it’s all about getting the balance right. This is why a lot of guys and girls stay so stressed. They’ve got no variety in their lives.

Two other points I’ll be raising have to do with setting health and fitness targets to go along with my take on stress free living, and eating right (with an emphasis on protein intake). And just for fun, I’m going to be talking to you about some of the adventures I’ve had outdoors since I started out on my new health and wellness path. Not so much fun (still fun for me anyhow) but more to inspire you guys out there and getting you motivated to make that big change in your life towards being healthy and fit. And packing on some muscles.