This article was reserved, so if you think I am harping on a little bit too long on whether it is possible to be stress free and what can be done about high stress and anxiety levels, then please forgive me. But I might just add that if you choose to walk away from this article at this point in time, do be warned. Even if you think you are cool, calm and collected, you will never lose value in your life by listening and reading what others have to say in regard to making improvements. Who knows, you may know someone out there who needs help.

And with the next few surreptitious paragraphs the list giving good advice for the stressed might just come in handy. After this article is completed, I will be returning to the contentious matter of whether protein shakes are good for you and how to best utilize them should you decide to use them.

He who laughs

I am lucky in the sense that I have a sense of humor. I also used to be a sour puss. Yes, it might not always be possible to see the funny side of life, but you can do something deliberate about this. Apart from reading, I also enjoy watching good movies. And selecting a good comedy, I always find, helps.

One job at a time

Do one thing at a time. It is as simple as that. By trying too hard to do too many things at once gets you absolutely nowhere. You are overwhelmed and you are always setting yourself up for failure. In the business management space, it has been argued that priority should be placed on doing the most important things first. That is easier said than done but you can be practical about this.

Sometimes the most important tasks turn out to be the most difficult. Trying to get through this can see an entire day going by without much else getting done. Like cooking a healthy meal for you and your family. And through personal experience, I can also tell you that cooking and healthy eating is fun. As far as I am concerned, cooking is a priority task. Also, doing the easiest tasks first leaves you feeling encouraged to step up to the plate to do the next task which might start to challenge you.

Kick-starting healthy habits and giving the bad ones the butt

I used to be a smoker before I started exercising, running and weight training. Let me tell you that this is one of the worst and most dangerous habits that anyone can inherit. Unfortunately, many folks that suffer from high levels of stress and anxiety have fallen into this trap. Just ask me, giving up is not easy.

But it is possible. It takes time, so if you are a smoker yourself, be realistic and patient. You can do it in a quirky sort of way. Cigarette smoking eats into the budget. I started by spending a bit more money each month on healthy grocery items, thus having less to spend on the filthy things. But of course, it was never going to be easy. So, as I added a healthy snack to the menu, I took another fag out of my pack.

Keep things straight and simple

And before you knew it, I had nothing left over to smoke. I was chewing more. And, of course, my body had become so accustomed to regular exercise and rigorous weight training that my body had no place left for those cravings. I am by nature and heart a simple man. So, I think this plan is simple, no matter how silly it may seem to others.

Just keep things straight, simple and natural. There is no need to complicate your life by purchasing products with product labels that are foreign. It is one of the oldest tricks in the world. Confuse desperate folks’ minds even further by pretentiously foisting scientific language that they’ll never be able to understand anyhow. So, rely on explanations that make sense.

One of the world’s biggest stressors

Am I making sense to you at this point in time? You are welcome to ask. Anyway, this is one of the biggest stressors for men and women today. I had piles of it at one stage of my life. So I know how it feels to carry such burdens. It is useless trying to explain how it all happened in the first place. That would be tantamount to looking backwards. Yes, folks, I am talking about high debt levels. But you can get rid of it.

Maybe not overnight, because that would be unrealistic. Interestingly, by transforming your life to one that is healthy and active, focusing on the proverbial simple things in life –which won’t be costing you a buck – you start to action a life-defining process towards living well within your means. Please note that online expert help is available to help you cut your debt.

Exercise and physical activities still help

The proof is in the healthy gluten free muesli, organic fruit and free range yogurt. Sorry, ladies and gentlemen, there is no room for puddings anymore. In any case, the fruity and healthier desserts are really tasty. Just you wait and see. I can tell you without any doubt that regular exercise and a life that is physically active does help you to reduce high stress and anxiety levels.

And in being preoccupied with important but easy to manage tasks, you take your mind off of those things that were bothering you. When you are just starting out with exercise and physical activity, you do not need to push your body to the limit. You can get more enjoyment out of it all by only doing those things that your body and mind can manage. And while exercise and physical activities do, for a fact, help healthy eating helps too. And don’t stress if you can’t cook. Open a healthy eating recipe book and see how easy it is.