It all depends on your approach to the supplement. That’s the key to answering the critical question; are protein shakes good for you. The opening line stated the fact. Now I’m highlighting it for emphasis. If you read the product label properly, particularly if it is a recommended whey product and it focuses on the inclusion of other natural ingredients, compounded to powder form, you will see that fact.

The modern lifestyle

The water mixed protein shake is just that; it’s only a supplement. In fact, the more intense your muscle pounding workouts become in the months ahead, the more likely it could become for you to correctively take in a protein shake sometime shortly after a workout. That’s not so much because your muscles need more protein, but more to do with the fact that we still remain stuck in that rut marketed as the modern lifestyle.

Not designed to help you lose weight

The excuse is often bandied about that folks simply don’t have enough time in the day to prepare and make proper food, rich in natural ingredients with an emphasis on protein, in any case, and natural fibers. Coincidentally, along with these meat-based proteins, minus most of the fat, the organic servings of lightly cooked or steamed vegetables, and the green salad varieties, contribute towards the suppression of hunger.

The best natural sources

So, to help some folks towards the answer to their universal question; what are protein shakes, that much has already been said. It is a dietary supplement designed to compensate for a lack of protein elsewhere in the diet. It is strictly not designed to help you to lose weight. That its ingredients, just like the natural ones, help you to suppress hunger pangs is purely coincidental. With an emphasis on weight training in the gym, not only to build muscles but to gain muscular strength, your body will, however, have cravings for more than usual protein sources.

Get the balance right

But this craving is quite natural and healthy, so hold no fears on this. If you’ve chosen to utilize weights in your weekly workouts then you’ll be pleasantly surprised that you won’t be giving up too much from your previous diet that wasn’t working out, if you pardon the expression, for you anyway. That’s because that diet carried far too many carbohydrates. The new, healthy and balanced diet has a lot less of it and makes its contribution towards helping you to reduce weight if you happen to be overweight at this stage of your life.

The bonus where including essential ingredients in your new diet is concerned is that you still get to enjoy your eggs and steak. Steak, egg and – no chips, please, we’re healthy guys – and green salad. It doesn’t have to be red meat protein either. You can supplement this with skinless and fat free white chicken. I had a hearty chat with a girl who, ironically, runs a takeout store on the main road near to where I stay.

But her takeout cooking is not done conventionally. She uses appliances traditionally applied to the domestic kitchen. So her results taste as though mother just made it. One of my favorite delicacies from her store is her stomach pleasing chicken curries. Her flavors are piquant and healthily mild. She has also placed some emphasis on preparing a unique sambal, with an emphasis on vitamin C enriched green chili (minus the seeds) and red, organic tomatoes.

Let’s talk about some issues rather

So, what are protein shakes, Eric? Oh dear, I was waiting for that, and I probably deserved it. But in my defense, I really started to enjoy myself talking about healthy, natural protein sources. So, not to worry, we are still going to get into the nitty gritty of protein shakes, we’ll do that in a later article. When it comes to writing at such short notice, it’s best to get things off your chest once it comes to mind, otherwise you can easily forget or lose the thread of the argument you wanted to raise.

It’s not so much an argument, but more of a concern, really. Two concerns, as it turns out. I think it’s fair to say that many enthusiastic readers, not you, fall too easily for the advertising gimmicks that give the lie that protein shakes help you to lose weight. But they don’t, especially if you’re not utilizing them properly and there’s no proper exercise schedule and healthy eating plan in place. The concern is that folks may unwittingly be neglecting essential natural ingredients such as foods rich in natural fiber, and fruits.

It becomes a throwback to the junk food days where addicted eaters inherit cravings for processed meats that are ironically falsely advertised as being high in protein. There’s more artificial hormones and, who knows what, some unspeakable ingredients in this gloop. But should you be using protein shakes? Yes, of course, I don’t see why not. It will be really great once you’ve put your body to the sword in a healthy sort of way once you’ve hit the gym and the road. Because high intensity exercise could, at some stage, lead to protein depletion.

And that’s where the supplement comes in. So, yes, I did actually tell you what a protein shake is.